The Jay Cusimano Building dates from 1922 when Hammond and the surrounding cities shipped strawberries daily to stations all over the United States. Originally, the grocer operated out of the bluish building featuring his name and the buildings to either side.

The diagonal parapet on the center building cannot be cast into any particular style but is evidence of the eclectic nature of all architectural styles in the 1920s. The building on the right is different in color. The tiled entryway reminds patrons of its past. The building on the left looks nothing like the other two because of its colored plastered façade.

Owners renovated the building in the 1930s using elements of a newly popular style called art deco. They also added large storefront glass windows. From one eclectic building into 3 separate entities, the Cusimano Building possess all that 1920s and 30s architectural style had to give.