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HHDC End of Year Review Working Session

  • 309 North Linden Street Hammond, LA, 70401 United States (map)
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The Hammond Historic District Commission will convene for a working session on Saturday January 20th, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at 309 N. Linden Street, Hammond, LA. 

In this working session the Commission will review its procedural structure as well as the past year's applications for potential amendments to the historic district design guidelines.

There will be no voting or approvals given in this session.  Any proposed amendments or policies established during this session will be reviewed and approved at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

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HHDC Presents: Hammond Central Historic Structures Survey Discussion


MORE DETAILS:  At this public meeting, the Hammond Historic District Commission will officially introduce and discuss the details of a Hammond Central Historic Structures Survey.  This survey will record data on approximately 1,400 structures in Hammond.  Survey work will be done in conjunction with Kelly Calhoun of Calhoun Preservation.  Information gathered will follow the Louisiana Historic Structures Inventory Form.  To see a sample of this form, CLICK HERE.  

The data collected will result in getting clarity on what Hammond's historic building stock looks like and will document historic structures for posterity that were previously undocumented.  Ultimately, the intention for this survey data is to modify the boundaries of the current Hammond National Register Historic District and make it larger.  This is to allow more income-earning properties in Hammond to be eligible for historic tax credits.  National Register Historic Districts have no restrictions or guidelines.  Check out THIS FACT SHEET if you're curious about how National Register Historic Districts differ from Local Historic Districts.  To summarize though...

What the National Register DOES

  • PROVIDES recognition of a property's significance in history, architecture, archaeology, or engineering.
  • PROVIDES a moral obligation, although not a legal one, to preserve the property.
  • PROVIDES limited protection when a property is endangered by a federally funded or licensed action. The following web site provides more information about this process: http://www.achp.gov/usersguide.html.
  • PROVIDES the owner of an income producing property (commercial or rental residential) the opportunity to apply for Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits for a "Certified Rehabilitation."
  • PROVIDES the owner of a private residence with the opportunity to apply for a State Residential Tax Credit, if a rehabilitation is certified.
  • PROVIDES the owner the opportunity to apply for the Louisiana Department of Economic Development's Restoration Tax Abatement Program.
  • PROVIDES the owner the opportunity to apply for matching grants-in-aid for restoration/rehabilitation (when funding is available).

What the National Register DOES NOT do

  • DOES NOT restrict the use of the property. (For example, an owner can continue to live in a listed house, convert a listed property to another use, continue to farm ground where a listed archaeological site may be located, conduct new construction on the site, etc.)
  • DOES NOT restrict the sale of a property; unless under the jurisdiction of a federal agency.
  • DOES NOT require continued maintenance of private property.
  • DOES NOT require that any specific guidelines be followed in a rehabilitation (unless the owner is using federal funds or rehabilitation tax credits). For example, the owner of a listed property may paint his building any color he chooses.
  • DOES NOT require the owner to give tours of the property or open it to the public.
  • DOES NOT guarantee funds for restoration.
  • DOES NOT require or guarantee perpetual maintenance of the property.
  • DOES NOT provide a National Register plaque or a state historic marker for the property (although property owners are eligible to acquire such markers at their own expense).

Please attend the meeting if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the survey parameters!  Check out an approximate map of intended area HERE.

The meeting will be held in City Council Chambers, 312 E. Charles St., at 5:30 pm on Wednesday September 27th.

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HHDC Special Session

  • City of Hammond Building Department (map)
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The Hammond Historic District Commission will hold a special session on Wednesday August 30th, 2017 at 11:00 am.  The Commission will vote on applications for 103 S. Magnolia, 120 S. Cypress, and 109 N. Cypress.  The meeting will be held in the Hammond Building Department conference room at 219 E. Robert St.

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CANCELLED - HHDC Special Session

The Hammond Historic District Commission will hold a special session on Thursday August 3rd at 11:00 am.  This session is to vote on a signage application for 205 E. Thomas as well as discuss edits to a Residential Appendix.  It will be held at the Hammond Building Dept., 219 E. Robert St., in the conference room.

To check out the current copy of the Residential Appendix, CLICK HERE.

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Residential Appendix Discussion

The Hammond Historic District Commission recently created a first draft of an appendix for the Design Guidelines to clarify certain items for residences in the district.  It has become clear that this is necessary as there are different concerns for residential properties than for commercial.  Moving forward, the HHDC would like to be a resource for ALL historic residences in Hammond.  This appendix is intended help guide everyone toward their options for any future repair work or renovation, whether they're in the historic district or not.

Therefore, the HHDC would like to invite all historic homeowners to attend a public discussion on this draft of a residential appendix for the Design Guidelines so that it can ensure the biggest potential concerns are met and biggest questions answered.

The draft is available HERE and will also be formally presented at the meeting before a discussion begins.

This Residential Appendix Discussion will be at 5:30 -7:00 pm on June 8th, 2017.  Location is currently TBD.  Light snacks will be provided.

We value the opinion of all historic homeowners and we hope to see you there!

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