Research Links

When you live in a historic district, there is a lot of information available for keeping your building healthy!  Below are some relevant links to help inform you about different options, treatments, and guidelines.


The Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation, Restoring, & Reconstructing Historic Buildings

The Secretary of the Interior standards are a great place to start the planning process for your historic structure rehabilitation, restoration, or renovation.  It is the basis for historic district guidelines and preservation best practices in the United States.

Researching Your Historic Property

Knowing the history of your structure is a great way to start learning how to care for it.  Here are some tips from the National Parks Service on how to get that research done for your personal knowledge or for any potential tax credit projects.

Louisiana State Tax Incentives for Historic Properties

The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is the go-to guide for Louisiana tax incentive programs.  We are lucky to be in a state that has a lot to o


The National Register nomination for the Hammond Historic District

As a background to the historic significance of Hammond's downtown, here is our National Register nomination.  It gives good context and information on the architectural standouts.

To look up other National Register nominations in Louisiana, feel free to check out the State Historic Preservation Office's database HERE.  For more information on the National Register nomination process in Louisiana, click HERE.