Realtors & New Building Owners


Your building is in the Hammond Historic District and/or the Downtown Development District!

Across the nation, communities preserve a local identity through certain types of districting.  Without district protections and support, landmarks, cultural elements, and, most importantly, memories could be lost forever.  The intention of the Hammond Historic District (HHD) is to maintain our local character.  It partners with the efforts of the Downtown Development District (DDD) which in turn promotes progress.  The districts work together with their complimentary guidelines and incentives.

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Notification of New Ownership

Open communication with property owners and lessees is key to success in the efforts of the HHD & DDD.  Our welcome letter intends to inform new owners of application processes, project resources, financial incentives, and preservation education resources.  To access the welcome letter click on the link below.  Thank you for taking the time to let us know you’re in the district!  We are excited to work with you.

Hammond Historic District Notification of New Ownership Letter


An Introduction for Realtors & New Building Owners

Soon after incorporation in 1889, Hammond experienced economic growth and developed a unique downtown identity.  Most of the oldest buildings in the city are downtown, which is why the HHD exists to maintain this identity.  The Realtor & New Building Owners brochure outlines when to apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) and financial incentives such as façade grants and revolving loans.

Introduction for Realtors & New Building Owners Brochure