Coursework at the high school level is more specialized to the student’s personal interests and each high school has different educational imperatives. Therefore, below are a collection of starting points for advanced lesson plans in a variety of subject matter.


-       Descriptive writing exercises with images of modern buildings as the source material.
-       Instructive writing about how to find modern buildings in Hammond.  
-       Write a research paper about preservation in Hammond and Southern Louisiana.
-       Write a research paper about modern architecture in the southeast, focusing on Louisiana.

-       World War II: Discuss America’s relations with Europe and Germany in particular before the war. Many cutting-edge German architects sought asylum in the United States after the rise of the Third Reich. Discuss how this influx of European refugees helped make the United States the preeminent world power throughout WWII and after.
-       Postwar American Culture: Delve into the prosperity and problems of the post-World War II landscape in America. A great deal of modern architecture, specifically houses, was built in response to the housing crisis after the return of millions of G.I.’s after WWII. Discuss the benefits and limitations of the G.I. bill and the changes it created in America.   

-       Photography: Architectural photography is an art form in its own right. Ask students to research the work of Ezra Stoller and Julius Shulman. Students should take a series of photos of one building in Hammond.
-      Drawing: Sketching a building. Take students to a modern building in Hammond and ask them to sketch the building in various increments of time: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes. Analyze the student’s development of the forms as more time is allotted. The next class period, distribute photos of the building to the students and ask them to draw from the photo. 

Computer Science
-       Using the plans and resources available in the John Desmond Papers at the LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana such as plans, technical drawings, etc., have students create a to scale CAD/Google SketchUp model of a John Desmond Building in Hammond.

-       If interested in a career in architecture, students can be mentored by the New Orleans chapter of the ACE Mentor Program for America, Inc. Practicing professionals and sponsors mentor young people who receive real world education in the field.
-       If interested in history, a career in historic preservation, or a career in civil service, contact the Hammond Historic District Commission with the subject line "Internship/Volunteer Opportunities" for information about working with HHDC to learn more about the history of Hammond.